Please note that this is a general guide to sizing and the measurements provided are to give you an approximate idea of what size you will be in our WOODSTRK bikinis & apparel.

Still not sure which size you are? For our swimwear we recommend sizing down due to the elastic nature of our fabric. Use our size guide below or drop us an email at hello@woodstrk.com. We’d love to help you out. 

Size Conversion Chart

S 34-36 6-8 2-4 6-8
M 38 10 6 10
L 40 12 12


Top Guide (Swimwear)

Monica Top

Sizing Monica WOODSTRK

Size Underbust Cup height Cup width Cup size
S 65-70cm 17cm 12,5cm

70 A,B,C,D/75 A,B

M 70-75cm 18cm 13,5cm 75 C,D,DD/80 A,B
L 75-80cm 19cm 14,5cm 80 C,D/85 A,B,C

Rachel Top

Size Guide Rachel WOODSTRK

Size Underbust Front length Cup width Cup size
S 70 - 74cm 27cm 14cm

70 A,B,C,D/75 A,B

M 74 - 78cm 29cm 15cm
75 C,D,DD/80 A,B
L 78 - 82cm 31cm 16cm
80 C,D/85 A,B,C

Phoebe Top

Size Guide Phoebe Top WOODSTRK

Size Width Length (without frills) Cup size Regular top size (EU)
S 60 - 70cm 15cm 65 A,B/70 A,B XS
M 62.5 - 72.5cm 16cm 65 C/70 C,D/75 A,B  S
L 65 - 75cm 17cm 75 C,D M

Bottom Guide (Swimwear)

Emma Bottom

Size Guide Emma Bottom WOODSTRK

Size Hip Front length Pants size (EU) 
S 66 - 70cm 21cm 34/36
M 70 - 74cm 22cm 38
L 75 - 79cm 23cm 40


Janice Bottom (Rust Reversible & Merlot Red)

Size Guide Janice Bottom WOODSTRK


Hip Front length Pants size (EU) 
S 66 - 70cm 25cm 34/36
M 70 - 74cm 27cm 38
L 75 - 79cm 28cm 40

T-Shirt Guide

Sweatshirt Guide

Hoodie Guide

Hoodie Size Guide WOODSTRK