Who we are

We are Katrin & Finn, your co-founders of WOODSTRK. We started this company with the intention of creating sustainable & modern bohemian inspired swimwear, that fits like a second skin and is designed to spend many eternal summers with you. Each collection features a mix of minimalistic designs, playful patterns & feminine cuts that will make you feel and look stunning.

Having traveled to many parts of the world, we have seen firsthand how plastic pollution and reckless human activity is affecting our planet. That's why we are fully committed to use recycled and regenerated materials, while always being on the lookout for more sustainable options. Using recycled nylon & polyester is the best we can do for now, but we're sure there will be even better options in the future.

How we got the idea

We didn't really plan to start a fashion brand. In fact, it all started because I (Katrin) could never find the perfect bikini. The trendy ones didn’t give enough support or weren't sustainable, and the sustainable ones that fit looked too “sustainable”. So I found myself asking the same question over and over again: 

"Where do I find a bikini that looks good, feels good and is most importantly as sustainable as possible?"

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? I had to take matters in my own hands, so I pitched the idea to Finn and well - here we are.

The story behind the name

Truth be told, this was not an easy ride. It took us about 10 solid months to come up with the name WOODSTRK. Together with friends and family, we brainstormed like maniacs, combined all kinds of words with one another, pored over books & dictionaries, brainstormed again, this time with wine glasses in our hands - until we realized what our name should really be about.

The name WOODSTRK is paying homage to the flower power lifestyle of the 1960s and 1970s, where people longed for freedom, love & positive change - same as we do today.  

Our values

Being a fully independent, self-funded company enables us to focus on values that really matter to us, without having to worry about anyone's financial expectations.

Environmental responsibility is the heart of our brand. We seek to educate, drive consciousness among people and proof that you can shop ethically, sustainably & fashionably without compromising on style. It’s important for us to have a positive impact on our planet in order to not only preserve it for our children, but also for our children’s children. With WOODSTRK, we seek to make our contribution towards a happy future.